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Fibra SOMA brings together truly exceptional projects. Each of them is carefully envisioned to embody a unique design, taking into consideration the heritage as well as the dynamic and modern environment.



Fibra SOMA is a tax transparent vehicle offering state-of-the-art developments with growth and capital gains generated over time through specific projects. It offers constant, stable and predictable cash-flow in an environment of volatility protected by inflation. Investors are provided with a robust and diversified portfolio comprising unique locations and high-quality tenants that are recognized globally.

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We offer a robust and diversified portfolio of premium quality properties with first-rate tenants.


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February 23

FibraSOMA makes its debut on the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA).

March 1

FibraSOMA announces the liquidation of the initial public offering, successful acquisition of real estate assets and first disbursement under the Bridge Credit