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Luxury Hall

Puebla. In Operation.

Luxury Hall is a space with its own identity, providing a unique shopping experience in the city of Puebla. It was built independently from but adjacent to the Angelópolis Shopping Mall. This expansive, multi-faceted space accommodates a range of types of retail that foster improved social interaction. These range from terraces with restaurants to the most exclusive premium brands in the world.

Use Retail
Year 2010

GLA 10,385 sqm
Occupation 96%

Luxury Hall Fibra Soma
Luxury Hall Fibra Soma

This major project, though on a smaller scale, reflects the latest architecture and design styles in shopping malls, incorporating avant-garde concepts of exclusivity. Since its conception as a real estate project, Luxury Hall emerges as a point of attraction for visitors to from other central and Gulf states with high expectations.

There is constant innovation in the concept of the shopping mall, which is no longer only a place where people go to shop, but also for casual encounters while enjoying special events, loyalty programs, and a wide range of products and services.

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Luxury Hall Fibra Soma
Luxury Hall Fibra Soma

Contact Information

Facebook: @LuxuryHall


Twitter: @LuxuryHall1


Property Director: Enrique Valdes
01222 478 0921


Blvrd del Niño Poblano 2510, Reserva Territorial Atlixcáyotl, Concepción la Cruz, 72197 Puebla, Pue.