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The Angelópolis shopping mall complex was the first of its kind in the city of Puebla and the keystone for economic development in the zone. It activated and promoted retail, residential developments, schools, universities, office buildings, hospitals, and the city’s principal highways. As a result, Angelópolis is now located in one of the fastest-growing and most profitable areas of the city. This growth and the traffic of users through the zone had directly contributed to the resounding success of the mall, supporting and enhancing it since it opened in 1998.

Use Retail
Year 1998

GLA 36,221 sqm
Occupation 98%

Angelópolis Fibra Soma
Angelópolis Fibra Soma

Angelópolis introduced the best international stores and brands to the state of Puebla for the first time, together with the top choices for entertainment, bars, and restaurants, providing full satisfaction for clients with an unbeatable shopping experience. The mall also sees a significant influx of visitors from adjacent states including Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Tlaxcala, and in total records an average monthly number of visitors in excess of 1.5 million.

Initially, the construction of Angelópolis was considered a risky proposition, developing a project on this scale in a zone with little traffic, no retail, and only a limited amount of housing. However, Angelópolis is the result of an extraordinary vision that focused on a successful retail project that continues to surpass expectations.

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Angelópolis Fibra Soma
Angelópolis Fibra Soma
Angelópolis Fibra Soma

Contact Information

Facebook: @ccangelopolis

Instagram: @angelopolis_puebla

Twitter: @ccangelopolis1


Property Director: Enrique Valdés


Blvrd del Niño Poblano 2510, Reserva Territorial Atlixcáyotl, Concepción la Cruz, 72197 Puebla, Pue.